laura[lora][lala] (deadguttergirl) wrote in michiganpoets,

she was ice cold,no warmth

long ago lived a girl,
with slow emotions,gentle tides of humanity flowed,
eager to submit herself to the game,that life became,
she was an all purpose girl,nothing was too much for her,
finding herself was what she hoped would come of this,
though she seemed to be getting lost under years of regrets,
and nothing could prepare her for this new dark day,
the day her love told her,her heart was cold as ice,
and he had not felt a thing being with her,
that he had found a beauty with such warmth,
that even the girl with the ice cold heart would be melted inside by,
how she loved dying slowly,her emotions took control,
she numbed the life gone,now she practices living,
and fakes life almost to a complete perfection,
but as she takes life day by fake day,she feels only the sun pouring on her,
she hates the warmth,and winter keeps her sane,
she has nothing to offer,she daydreams,
and that's all that makes the pain of her love leaving go away.
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