laura[lora][lala] (deadguttergirl) wrote in michiganpoets,

i need a donor[i need a new heart]

tunnels of doom,
my soul reaps its hazards,
bodily fluid,blood drains,
candles lit,in honor,
of my slow death,wishful thinking,
yeah it never got me nowhere,
but dying is inevitable,so its ok,
to hope,and to need,
this is the ghost of sadness in me,
never fading,always illuminated,
the virus of disease,that kills motivation,
this is all i need,the cancer of depression,
life is dealt,i do not care for compassion,
people fake things too much,
for me to believe in warm words,
i am almost ready to explode,
please run fast,its you who will feign,
for repentance,as i lay upon you,
my darkest desires,and hateful words,
of despair,and negligence,
i will not go lightly on you,
no one ever held back hurt from me,
i die to find away out of my misery.
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