laura[lora][lala] (deadguttergirl) wrote in michiganpoets,

swallowing back sanity

you expect the knife,
stabbing at your light,
too much is never enough,
bought and sold,
children to death dealers,
tonight we breathe anti-freeze,
the sugar is sealed tight,
nothing but golden ambition,
the apple has already been rotten,
too much is never enough,
the girl had ease,sheltered disease,
a finger further,a hole deeper,
smuggle into her mind,
the corrupt ways of a criminal mind,
the pressure is built,
the bone about breaking,
single girls or just plain regulars,
hidden agenda's behind jacks back,
jill was riding out to the sound of love,
i will disturb you,
you will dream in new arms,
still not enough,
the dream was just a wish with out guilt,
i had too many reasons to try,
beat myself down,
i got close to the underground,
i seen your eyes level to the fall,
i just wondered,was losing grace worth the red,
bled through the silver lining,
truest to me,you were never mind,
beautifully decayed,the rain poured repeatedly,
filling whiskey to her core,
i bet him her,
she was that easy,i had her in my back pocket,
and jealousy created outlets of rage,
still caught on your lisp,
the version black handicap,
mention the girls taste,
your sure to be reserved a piece,so cheap,
standing so close to her mouth,
i felt i was all but swallowed.
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