laura[lora][lala] (deadguttergirl) wrote in michiganpoets,

fucking with your own love....

i got twelve lines to eagerly sleep with you,
but tonight i am just going to slip inside you,
like a drug into the drink of choice for rape,
i am illegally in love somethings evil about this,
i want to break the woman i can not have,
kill her and kill her and eat her un-alive,
sick and perverted you knew that right,
seems she needs me inside her to bleed tonight,
i got so much to show her with pain and pleasure,
i will make her cry i will hold her high,
high and fucked she will sleep soundly tonight,
besides her screams inside her dreams,
i am the monster who crawls under her skin,
she loves me unknowingly she wants me to kill her,
she asks me daily she likes it when i touch her,
she waits till its dark and secretly seduces me,
shes has so many scars sometimes they open randomly,
i love her smell sour and sweet she has a smile i like to call hell,
i fear she is taking me there i can not get over her eyes,
i can not get over her legs and her hair,
her soft seduction makes penetration easy,
with her raven eyes and simple widely spread legs,
i could kill her but i keep her with me at all times,
she satisfies things that need to be satisfied.

~sleep away from her~

the jealousy i hold,
is unnecessary,
i could blow you away,
with my anxious anger,
no real cause,
always a reason,
i bleed behind your smile,
you do not know me,
you do not love me,
my hearts a black hole,
with a very sharp coldness,
i tell you to run,
fucking run bitch,
i do not want to smell you,
in my dreams,
in my auras mess,
fuck this heart that is so calloused,
like it functions to deviate,
you know my life's a breaking point for the losers,
they break when i blend my thoughts into there minds,
i will not give into this show,
seems i already seen it twice,
you can have all the pretty happy shiny things,
i want all the pain,
do not keep any for yourself,
i will obliterate you with plastic gestures.

~wishful thinking~

did she scream,
or was she dreaming,
with loud sound?
the way she falters,
in her life's design is sickening,
like a disease she eats at herself,
with pills she kills her insides,
waits silently behind her abuse,
for that accidental death,
oh that death that will be only semi suicide,
hopefully not suicide enough to do time for,
shes so bent on heaven and hell,
nothing matters much when she is sad,
and when she is sad,
she is fucking waiting for the sound of peace,
deep in her soul,
where nothing is lovely,
and something is nothing,
the girl is getting cold,
her grave is slowly warming her smile,
does she dare admit,
that she wants to die?
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