laura[lora][lala] (deadguttergirl) wrote in michiganpoets,

one regret only

gone and forgotten,
tomorrow never comes when you wait this hard,
soulfully and joyfully i move to new ways to release,
your eyes still stuck behind the malice of the defeat,
but i always felt alone so there is no real big difference,
except i am no longer filled in sexual ways,
my legs are wrapped around the thought of you,
i miss not having a lover,
the lover that never loved me,
who do i pretend to be,when your not you,
the girl was my shadow,
bouncing from fear to lingering rants,
the man always had a drunken tangent to go off on,
was not looking forward to the end,
the beginning was so nice,
i sit facing the wall,
the wall that never moves or leaves,
safe i am everything all at once with you so far away,
baby was the shift so visual as it was emotional?
i can not reinforce my feelings,
i lack such mediocre things,she feels me,
under the reality of suffocating,
she welts with heart ache,
he just simply kills himself,
she has been dead so long,
her body never had the chance to decompose,
she has only one regret,she never gave love a chance.
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