laura[lora][lala] (deadguttergirl) wrote in michiganpoets,

fuck the punk

this man is standing tall,fearless like night
i bring him anything he asks for,scared to deny him light

i fall to earth,tell this man he may fuck off
beneath the earth,in hell yes he rots

magic moment as the woman holds the cards,games can be fun
almost done with the breaking point,the man dies

sold out he remembers asshole remarks,asshole actions
words of inhibition,he hates his self

this time around she smiles,his grave not so sad
who could ever feel empathy for a man,so empty and shell like

broken bones ribs and heart,he bent her over for the punishment was his job
she is beside herself with resented thoughts,of why she thought this was her fault

the way a person says man,makes you think respect right?
like yeah hes the man,well when she hears the word she thinks punk

for some reason she never thought much of men,the man beat her mom
she has been trying to look another way,hes still so very much in the way
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