laura[lora][lala] (deadguttergirl) wrote in michiganpoets,

filter me filthy

go through my elements
pick through
sort through
make it your job
to take me
filter me
so that you may
sleep into me

~a small taste of love..

he is getting under my skin
a naked pulse
beat by beat
turned on with all the heat
bodies colliding so fast
you wonder was it a dream
or did fluid meet fluid?
though my wall is built high
very impenetrable usually
he is just beneath the surface
the smoothest surface
a retreat away from reality
listening to him talk sweet words
he is drunk again
and looking to score
my whores been put to sleep
oh how i miss her at times
passion is what i live for
i will not be another one night girl
holding my head up high is a must
dreams are incessant
trying to keep him out of my head
it feels good to be held
and its not like before
hes not a person i am settling for
i am kinda falling off of my high horse
tripping over rocks just to look at him
his eyes justified
and i can not tell if he is lying
the words he says are like candy
good but bitter to a diet
his kisses random
though i am begging for more
just a taste of love for me please????
do not worry i wont hold my breath.

~divided intentions

words lit under me
as the river shines
gleaming the steam
of whats yours and whats mine
blend us together
it would only be lust
you can not stretch the truth
make it bend to your fantasy
nothing would come
not from us sleeping kinky
only you coming from me
i can not keep throwing myself away
like i am plastic
only trash
my worlds much brighter
than anyone takes the time to notice
when i seethe...
when i love....
when i cry...
its with one word
so i can not be with you
no not like that
i would be selling myself short....

~choices...and.... regrets

give me direction
show me the way
take my hand
lead me astray
grow with me
in perverted ways
whisper to me
something real
and admit
the rest was bullshit
give me a name
forget the number
clearly pretend
to love and know me
after our nights
actually produce
love rituals
body love
fucking and wet
tell me goodbye
i will know you mean it
you know why?
i already knew...

~simple nights break me down
the thought of serenity
the hope of tomorrow
when really nothing ever comes of these things
so caught between falling
and knowing i am going to crash
what hurts does not kill you
though i am hurting at the thought
all my drunken nights following you
and who am i?
am i even special?
i do not want to be this girl
the one thinking non stop
about something that certainly feels so obsolete
the smiles and intoxicated kisses
got me bent on wanting more
you know i once was promiscuous
though sleeping with you
was not just lust
it was wanting to be close enough to you
to feel what it feels like to be one with you
i do not regret it
not at all
even if we go back to being friends
i have enjoyed my moments with you

i used to believe i was calloused from caring
that no one could touch me
not inside
here i am thinking
pain is a storm i can not run from
i am so absorbed into the most foreign thing to me~
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