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michiganpoets's Journal

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hey guys :o) ...im ashley, the moderator of this community.

just a few quick reminders, hopefully i wont have to keep posting this...

1. please do not introduce your poems as "shitty" or "crap"
2. a rule for commenting. if you want people to respond to your post, put a star (*) somewhere in the subject line. that way, people who want to post but cant handle the negative feedback can still enjoy this forum, and we can enjoy their poetry. OR, you can just turn off the comment option for that entry.
3. PLEASE dont forget to cut your entry if it is more than 6 lines.

after about the first 6 lines of your poem, type < lj-cut> and then < /lj-cut> at the end of the poem (minus the space before the lj's when you are actually typing it in your entry)

this community will be a really great way for all of us to share and help each other become better poets while breeding creativity

enjoy! :o)