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michiganpoets' Journal

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Friday, November 16th, 2007
7:05 pm

Third Wednesday is a quarterly seeking poems and short shorts. For poetry, length is open. All types of poetry are welcome, from formal to experimental. Quality is key. For fiction, anything up to 1500 words.

Black & white artwork is also sought.

Payment is one contributor’s copy plus a small honorarium ($3 to $5 if your work appears in our pages).

Submit! Deadlines are rolling. We're at submissions@thirdwednesday.org.

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Monday, July 31st, 2006
12:51 am - filter me filthy

go through my elements
pick through
sort through
make it your job
to take me
filter me
so that you may
sleep into me

a few more things i wroteCollapse )

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Monday, July 17th, 2006
12:32 am - sick penetration

to take a kiss
as though it is yours
to abuse the love rituals
as though your the only one in control

to fake the facts
turn around truth
blend it beautifully with lies

take a wicked notion
smooth it to seem righteous
sing as though your heart has spoken

bring brutality to a higher level
tell the girl
it is okay
you are done
retribution shall come

under her devoted faith
she will cry
as though she did something wrong

you will not care
brought to your heightened aggression wetter
the only thing that mattered
was your sick penetration

her heart split symmetrically
gashes in her mind
blame misdirected
porn seeming closer to home
than reality
you have corrupted innocence
disgraced your an empty shell
just waiting for hell.

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Friday, June 9th, 2006
4:15 am - fuck the punk

this man is standing tall,fearless like night
i bring him anything he asks for,scared to deny him light

i fall to earth,tell this man he may fuck off
beneath the earth,in hell yes he rots

magic moment as the woman holds the cards,games can be fun
almost done with the breaking point,the man dies

sold out he remembers asshole remarks,asshole actions
words of inhibition,he hates his self

this time around she smiles,his grave not so sad
who could ever feel empathy for a man,so empty and shell like

broken bones ribs and heart,he bent her over for the punishment was his job
she is beside herself with resented thoughts,of why she thought this was her fault

the way a person says man,makes you think respect right?
like yeah hes the man,well when she hears the word she thinks punk

for some reason she never thought much of men,the man beat her mom
she has been trying to look another way,hes still so very much in the way

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Monday, May 8th, 2006
12:10 am - the taste of death

you know its that familiar taste,
that resonates in my memories,
will you please show my how to go on,
when my will is postponed,
like a trip to the moon to be near you,
failing to rid myself,
of my destructive mood,
the night is young,
my pain is ancient,
and not so well scripted,
no soldiers to save me,
this path is clearly chosen and my own,
i destruct before your eyes,
you noticed nothing of the great blaze,
blankly i stare off into the silhouetted sky,
the moon illustrates the drift,
between sanity and insanity,
she feels to let go,
though she hangs on,
long enough to fall flat to her death,
the moment was not a minute too soon,
she regrets his taste,
in her mouth of mind,
this is all that makes her feel,
she feels incredibly sad.

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Sunday, May 7th, 2006
10:56 pm

No title as of yet.

I stained my mouth with the sour polish
burn of bottom shelf whiskey and stared into the
umber of Cohen’s first album while we
talked over the internet.

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Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
11:13 pm - one regret only

gone and forgotten,
tomorrow never comes when you wait this hard,
soulfully and joyfully i move to new ways to release,
your eyes still stuck behind the malice of the defeat,
but i always felt alone so there is no real big difference,
except i am no longer filled in sexual ways,
my legs are wrapped around the thought of you,
i miss not having a lover,
the lover that never loved me,
who do i pretend to be,when your not you,
the girl was my shadow,
bouncing from fear to lingering rants,
the man always had a drunken tangent to go off on,
was not looking forward to the end,
the beginning was so nice,
i sit facing the wall,
the wall that never moves or leaves,
safe i am everything all at once with you so far away,
baby was the shift so visual as it was emotional?
i can not reinforce my feelings,
i lack such mediocre things,she feels me,
under the reality of suffocating,
she welts with heart ache,
he just simply kills himself,
she has been dead so long,
her body never had the chance to decompose,
she has only one regret,she never gave love a chance.

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Saturday, April 8th, 2006
11:20 pm - fucking with your own love....

i got twelve lines to eagerly sleep with you,
but tonight i am just going to slip inside you,
like a drug into the drink of choice for rape,
i am illegally in love somethings evil about this,
i want to break the woman i can not have,
kill her and kill her and eat her un-alive,
sick and perverted you knew that right,
seems she needs me inside her to bleed tonight,
i got so much to show her with pain and pleasure,
i will make her cry i will hold her high,
high and fucked she will sleep soundly tonight,
besides her screams inside her dreams,
i am the monster who crawls under her skin,
she loves me unknowingly she wants me to kill her,
she asks me daily she likes it when i touch her,
she waits till its dark and secretly seduces me,
shes has so many scars sometimes they open randomly,
i love her smell sour and sweet she has a smile i like to call hell,
i fear she is taking me there i can not get over her eyes,
i can not get over her legs and her hair,
her soft seduction makes penetration easy,
with her raven eyes and simple widely spread legs,
i could kill her but i keep her with me at all times,
she satisfies things that need to be satisfied.

the gutter is being litteredCollapse )

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Thursday, March 30th, 2006
12:20 am - ancient

my core is belittled by your sadness,
i stand here knowing i feel like a zombie at times,
maybe i am a zombie,
who knows,i walk i talk fake,
i do not care to be real,
it would create problems,
i would have to explain why i am sad,
there is no reason,
thats how it is here inside,
no one knows this,
but i ask god every night to take me away,
so i will not have to do it on my own,
i do not want to be selfish,
so i live i live i live i live,
with out life,
this is not how its supposed to be,
you know my dads got enough pills to make me cease,
you know i think its alright,
i think even the gun and the bullet are my friend,
they been calling out for me so long,
i think its almost time,
to go to hell i do not care,
what could be worse then this?
to know im not ever going to fulfill my own happiness,
let alone my loves,
i will at least be enough to fill a place in hell,
god can just keep my loves safe there,
i will thank him before i go...

two moreCollapse )

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Saturday, February 4th, 2006
2:49 am - untitled

untitledCollapse )

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2:19 am - what will my epitaph read?

yet again more wordsCollapse )

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12:53 am - magic solution

yeah more wordsCollapse )

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12:37 am - swallowing back sanity

the meaning to the titleCollapse )

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Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
11:51 pm - further in

the contents of the poemCollapse )

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Saturday, January 28th, 2006
9:34 pm - Abrubt lies

the words behind the titleCollapse )

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Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
11:48 am - A thank you and a reminder.

I'm amazed and utterly pleased at the amount of activity on this community as of late. Though, I would like to post a reminder from the community's info page:

3. PLEASE dont forget to cut your entry if it is more than 6 lines.

Thanks again. :)

current mood: contemplative

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12:43 am - i need a donor[i need a new heart]

tunnels of doom,
my soul reaps its hazards,
bodily fluid,blood drains,
candles lit,in honor,
of my slow death,wishful thinking,
yeah it never got me nowhere,
but dying is inevitable,so its ok,
to hope,and to need,
this is the ghost of sadness in me,
never fading,always illuminated,
the virus of disease,that kills motivation,
this is all i need,the cancer of depression,
life is dealt,i do not care for compassion,
people fake things too much,
for me to believe in warm words,
i am almost ready to explode,
please run fast,its you who will feign,
for repentance,as i lay upon you,
my darkest desires,and hateful words,
of despair,and negligence,
i will not go lightly on you,
no one ever held back hurt from me,
i die to find away out of my misery.

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Monday, January 23rd, 2006
11:25 pm - she was ice cold,no warmth

long ago lived a girl,
with slow emotions,gentle tides of humanity flowed,
eager to submit herself to the game,that life became,
she was an all purpose girl,nothing was too much for her,
finding herself was what she hoped would come of this,
though she seemed to be getting lost under years of regrets,
and nothing could prepare her for this new dark day,
the day her love told her,her heart was cold as ice,
and he had not felt a thing being with her,
that he had found a beauty with such warmth,
that even the girl with the ice cold heart would be melted inside by,
how she loved dying slowly,her emotions took control,
she numbed the life gone,now she practices living,
and fakes life almost to a complete perfection,
but as she takes life day by fake day,she feels only the sun pouring on her,
she hates the warmth,and winter keeps her sane,
she has nothing to offer,she daydreams,
and that's all that makes the pain of her love leaving go away.

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12:16 pm - update

let me update you on this girl,
she who hides behind calloused eyes,
binds herself to a corner of escape,
till she can feel something beyond that blade,
its a easy illusion,when she numbs herself,
never wants the sadness known,
she has a rhyme for every lie,
nothing holds her hear,besides love and fear,
she cares,she does,
it just hurts to be let down,
her heart no darker than the cancer of her soul,
the more she hopes the more she dies,close your eyes,
watch her shadow jump,as she sees you notice,
she is but a girl,she has no change of mind,
she worships the casket,that one day will hold her cold,
as she enters peace,and sanctuary,
she pleads for life after death,
a way to be close to those she loves with no pain.

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Friday, January 20th, 2006
2:20 pm - never die

bleed me broken,
fret not,the razors show love,
twisted i shall,twist into my self hate,
nothing ever felt this way,
or maybe i just forgot,
enough to just see the original memory,
no one wants the pain,i want the bloody stain,
i can not take this emotional torture,
of the universe leaving me stone cold,
just for me to get back on the horse,
and start again,to try is to know,
some how i will be let down,again and again,
but there is nothing else for me to do,
my will holds me above suicides promises.

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