laura[lora][lala] (deadguttergirl) wrote in michiganpoets,

Abrubt lies

I did not want the dishonesty,
Luckily I found it before it destroyed me,
What little I have left,I must sustain,
There is no magic cure,for heartbreak,
A bullet in the gun is only pure massacre,
I won't belong to this loneliness for long,
My minds been made up waiting for you to make a mistake,
You did,and now I am suffering,
This is a tall void to fill,I must not concentrate on why,
Just a reason to go on,start new,
Maybe I'm a lost cause,and their is no sense in trying,
It hurts to think the end has passed,nothing compares to thinking,
About what you did,the smallest lie,has ruined a relationship,
I believed had a special spark,truly saddened,
I peak from this corner,I know I am alone right now,
But my hope is some how that it will change,
Colors and shapes change,love is true and kind,
What I thought was love was a lie.
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